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An $ABCs Book

‘S’ is for Stock Market

'S' is for Stock Market

About the Book

"'S' is for Stock Market is the first ABCs book about the Stock Market. It covers topics from the informational ('H' is for Hedge Fund) to the entertaining ('M' is for to the Moon!)

And who better to lead us through this adventure than a positive Bull and a Bear who’s a bit of a downer?!

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On every page you'll meet fun characters like rare unicorns, fat cats, hedge hog hedge fund managers, and even a wise Warren Buffet owl.

"Noah enjoyed the pictures a lot, and I honestly learned a few things too! Overall it's a great book for both kids and adults!"
Matt R.

How the book was born:

The Start

The same year Joe became a market investor was the same year he became a dad.

The Idea

Bored of reading "Goodnight Moon" for the 1,328,992 time, an idea to make the first kid's book about the stock market popped into Joe's head at 3AM one night.

The Funding

To see if people would like the idea (and appease his wife), Joe launched a Kickstarter.

The Art

After the Kickstarter was successfully funded in only 9 days, Joe turned to Maria to create the beautiful illustrations!

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy 'S' is for Stock Market!

bull riding rocket - Edited

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